Express Detailing

Get a quick detailed cleaning with one of our Express Detailing services while you wait!
Exterior Hand Wash
From $40
  • Car: $40 | Large Vehicle: $50 | Extra Large Vehicle: $60
In and Out Hand Wash
From $55
  • Car: $55 | Large Vehicle: $65 | Extra Large Vehicle: $75
Graphene Spray Wax
  • Hydrophobic graphene spray wax applied to leave your car shining and help repel water and dirt
Hand Wax
  • Meguiars Wax applied & polished with orbital machine
Meguiars Ceramic Paint Sealant
  • Iron decontamination wash
  • Apply long-lasting Meguiars Ceramic Sealant with an orbital machine to add protection and shine
Super Interior
  • Quick thorough interior cleaning
  • Wiping down dash, consoles, door panels and windows
  • Extra vacuuming with compressed air
  • Clean up to 4 mats
Carpet & Mat Shampoo
  • Shampoo carpeting
  • Clean up to 4 mats
Seat Shampoo / Condition
($70 for 3-Row Vehicles)
  • Cloth seats are shampooed leaving them clean and fresh
  • Leather Seats are cleaned and conditioned
Steam Clean / Disinfect
  • Steam is applied to dashboards, cup holders, middle consoles and armrests
  • Vents are flushed with steam
  • Leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as cleaning is complete
  • High temperature kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms
Headlight Restoration
(per Headlight)
  • Restore clarity to cloudy, oxidized, yellowed and lightly scratched headlights
Super Interior + Steam Deal
  • Combines our super interior and steam cleaning at a great price
Ozone Odor Eliminator / Bomb
  • Ozone machine eliminates bad odors and bacteria through a process of oxidation
  • Helps remove stubborn odors like: smoke, pet, food, mold and other musty odors
Engine Clean
  • A complete under-the-hood cleaning and degreasing
Tar, Sap and other Paint Contamination removal is done by estimate.
$10 extra for Full Sized SUVs, Vans and Minivans.
Prices do not include car wash.

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